dennis hates angela.

seoul – day 2

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today, we explored the gangnam district, which we found to be………… like…… whatever. despite the fact that we started off our day with soju and strawberry/banana milk.


our soju/milk breakfast


the best part of hotel life is the room service!


of all this, the most luxurious is that dennis uses his phone as a coaster for his morning breakfast milk/soju

we went to the gangnam district which, as mentioned, was like…… whatever. unimpressive. douchey. and really reminded me of all the shitface ahjumas i met at church who thought they were better than you because they were married to a dentist.


here is a $300 basket of assorted fruit, like i said, whatever.


i mean, hot cheetos for $6. BULLSHIT.

we headed back to myuongdong. we were in gangnam for about two hours and we were already over it. anyone who tells you that of ALL the places in seoul/korea, that you should go to gangnam, is a person who is full of shit and is probably a blogger.


snow ice in myoungdong.


chicken and beer!


7-11 after hour snacks


after hour activities


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March 26, 2015 at 4:10 pm

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